World War II was a Pre-H conflict that took place in AD 1939-45 and involved most of the world. It was the largest and deadliest conflict in human history prior to the War of a Thousand Suns in 2015.

The existence of WWII is not known to the average Tracker, but the First Family is well aware of the conflict. Among the movies preserved in the databanks of COLUMBUS are many that deal with this event, and the Family finds the tales of comradeship and heroism in warfare from this time to be of great inspirational value. In particular, the idea of fighting a 'just' war against an 'inhuman' opponent is more preferable to the Family than the wars of the late 20th/early 21st Century fought for murky political ends and of dubious morality, and may have influenced their decision to paint the Mutes as subhuman and as evil monsters rather than simply a rival human faction doing their own best to survive in their own manner.

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