AD 1969
Birth of George Washington Jefferson 1st in Houston, Texas.
c. 1995
Around this time Jefferson becomes involved in politics, founding the Confederate Revivalist Movement. When this fails to gain ground, he instead founds the Freedom Foundation and begins development of the COLUMBUS super-computer.
The Old Time ends on 17 November, when the War of a Thousand Suns takes place. The United States and her allies launch the New Crusade, a nuclear strike on several other nations, including Russia. In the resulting exchange, the world is devastated. Jefferson and the Four Hundred survive in their bunker far below Houston.


The nuclear war throws vast amounts of dust into the atmosphere, resulting in a nuclear winter called the Great Ice Dark, which lasts several decades and sees the Sun blotted out for long periods of time. The majority of the survivors of the War of a Thousand Suns die of exposure, starvation or radiation poisoning in the period immediately following the war.
Survivors of the war in Japan manage to escape out to sea in immense refugee flotillas.
Jefferson and his followers begin enlarging and reinforcing the bunker of COLUMBUS Centre, expanding it into an underground city that becomes known as Houston/Grand Central.
Death of George Washington Jefferson 1st. The underground civilisation he founded is formally named as the Amtrak Federation.
c. 2100
The Federation ceases to use paper as a date storage medium.
c. 2200
By this time the Federation has switched to the use of video and computer disk for all data storage and transmission purposes. Trackers born after this date do not even know that paper exists, outside of the First Family.
c. 2350
The Talisman Prophecy is first uttered by a wordsmith and seer named Cincinatti Red and spreads amongst the Plainfolk.
The Seventh Wave of settlers of Japanese origin arrive on the eastern seaboard of North America, led by the Da-Tsuni family. The Da-Tsuni crush all opposition to become the rulers of a new nation, Ne-Issan.
Death of Bruce Lee Jefferson, a member of the First Family who reintroduced the Japanese martial art of kendo, fighting with a quarterstaff. His instructional videos remain in use within the Federation.
The Break-Out. The first permanant interface between the earthshield and the blue-sky world is established by the Amtrak Federation, marking the beginning of the Federation's efforts to conquer the surface. The first powered gliders, forerunners of the Skyhawk production line aircraft, enter service not long afterwards.
Oklahoma is formally incorporated as the second state of the Amtrak Federation with the completion of the divisional base at Kennedy/Tulsa.
Arkansas is formally incorporated as the third state of the Amtrak Federation and the third of the Outer States, with the completion of the divisional base at Lincoln Field/Little Rock.
New Mexico is formally incorporated as the fourth state of the Amtrak Federation with the completion of the divisional base at Roosevelt/Santa Fe.
Louisiana is formally incorporated as the fifth state of the Amtrak Federation with the completion of the divisional base at Truman/Lafayette.
George Washington Jefferson 22nd becomes President-General of the Amtrak Federation.
c. 2690
In Ne-Issan, the Da-Tsuni are overthrown and a major civil war for control of the country begins.
c. 2700
The first wagon-trains enter service.
Mississippi is incorporated into the Amtrak Federation with the completion of the divisional base at Le May/Jackson.
George Washington Jefferson 22nd is killed by six cousins during an attempted coup, the first and only event of its kind in the history of the Federation.
The Federation begins a programme of shoring up the river defences and levees along the banks of the major riviers in their territory, particularly the Mississippi, to minimize the risk of flooding in the divisional bases.
c. 2790
The First Family constructs Cloudlands as an above-ground accomodation and relaxtion centre near Houston/GC, featuring freedoms and luxuries undreamt of by the soldier-citizens toiling underground.
The Federation identifies Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens as the most likely candidates to be the 'great mountain in the west' that will fulfil a role in the Talisman Prophecy. The Federation begins monitoring these mountains and several others in the Cascades and Rockies for signs of seismic disturbances.
The Federation Skyhawk Mark 1 reconnaissance and light assault aircraft enters service on 5 April of this year.
Founding of the Federation's Flight Academy at Lindbergh Field.
The Toh-Yota family gain the upper hand in the Ne-Issan civil war and finally secure control of the throne. They are acknowledged as the new rulers of Ne-Issan and Hideyoshi Toh-Yota becomes Shogun.
Arizona is formally incorporated as the last of the Outer States of the Amtrak Federation upon the completion of the divisional base at Johnson/Phoenix.
Around this time the Federation instigates Operation OVERLORD, designed to counter the implied threat posed by the Talisman Prophecy.
Kansas is formally declared a New Territory of the Amtrak Federation. Construction of the Monroe/Wichita divisional base begins.
Birth of Anne-Marie Le May Anderssen at Le May/Jackson.
Birth of William Eisenhower Hartmann at Eisenhower/San Antonio.
Colorado is formally declared a New Territory by the Amtrak Federation. Construction of a way-station at Pueblo commences.
Birth of Annie Nixon Bradlee at Nixon/Fort Worth.
Birth of Jack Roosevelt Brickman at Roosevelt/Sant Fe.
Birth of Bart Nixon Bradlee at Nixon/Fort Worth.
George Washington Jefferson 31st, the current incumbent, becomes President-General of the Amtrak Federation.
Birth of Yoritomo Toh-Yota in Ne-Issan.
Birth of Franklynn Delano Jefferson.
William Hartmann joins the crew of Sands of Iwojima as a lineman, rising to the rank of Line Captain in just three years.
Jack Roosevelt Brickman graduates from the Flight Academy and begins overground service aboard the wagon-trains, eventually notching up twelve years of operational duty (a so-called Double Six. He is bonded to Annie Nixon Bradlee.
Steven Roosevelt Brickman is born at the Life Institute in Houston/GC and given to Annie and Jack Brickman to be raised as their son.
Birth of Clearwater, daughter of Sun-Dance and Thunderbird of the Clan M'Call.
The Battle of the Black Hills between the Clan M'Call of the She-Kargo Plainfolk and the Clan B'Nardino of the D'Troit. The M'Calls emerge victorious and their status as the pre-eminent She-Kargo clan is confirmed. Thunderbird, father of Clearwater, is killed in this battle. This is the last major battle between entire clans for seventeen years.
Rozanne Roosevelt Brickman is born at the Life Institute in Houston/GC and raised at Roosevelt/Sant Fe by Annie and Jack Brickman.
George Washington Jefferson 31st becomes President-General of the Amtrak-Federation.
Several Trail-Blazer battalions are assigned to Monroe/Wichita to conduct sweeps of the overground, although the base is not yet completed.
William Hartmann is posted to Red River as Navigation Officer.
Dave Kelso graduates from the Flight Academy.
William Hartmann is promoted to Lt. Commander and transferred to the Lady from Louisiana as Deputy Wagon-Master.
c. 2981
AMEXICO and Chamberlain Ieyasu of Ne-Issan enter into a secret alliance where intelligence and resources are shared between the two organisations with the understanding that Ne-Issan will not expand south or westwards and will allow the Federation a free hand in their activities against the Mutes.
William Hartmann is promoted to Wagon-Master of the Lady from Louisiana.
Jack Roosevelt Brickman is pulled from duty as he begins to suffer from the effects of terminal radiation-induced cancer, and becomes confined to a wheelchair.
The Trans-Am rail-link between Johnson/Phoenix and Roosevelt/Santa Fe is completed. Regular services begin two years later.
A group of Trail-Blazers are cut off from their wagon-train, the Fighting Kentuckian, and left for dead. One of this group, adopting the nickname Medicine Hat, eventually joins the group of renegades commanded by Malone.

During the booksEdit


20 April
Steve Brickman is posted aboard the Lady from Louisiana wagon-train.
The events of Cloud Warrior begin.
12 June
The Battle of the Now and Then River, near navref Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Lady from Louisiana is ambushed by the Clan M'Call and suffers severe losses, eventually being forced to retire from the battlefield after losing most of its air wing. Steven Brickman is shot down and captured by the M'Calls, and begins his period of captivity amongst them.
10 November
Steve Brickman escapes from captivity by hang-glider.
The events of Cloud Warrior conclude.
14 November
The events of First Family begin.
Steve Brickman reaches Federation territory and lands at the Pueblo way-station in Colorado, where he is briefly held before being sent back to the Federation for debriefing and interrogation.
25 November
Steve Brickman is cleared of all charges of dereliction of duty and defaulting, but his inability to fully condemn the Mutes is considered disturbing by his Board of Assessors. He is ordered to spend three years serving in the A-levels before his case will be examined again.
Early December
Cadillac constructs a powered glider using the knowledge stolen from Steve's mind. Posing as a Tracker wingman, he travels to Ne-Issan to give the secret of flight to the Iron Masters in return for weapons and better supplies being delivered to the M'Calls. Clearwater accompanies him as a bodyguard.


Construction of the Heron Pool research complex near Mara-bara in Ne-Issan begins. Cadillac, posing as a Tracker wing-man, arrives to begin building an air force for the Iron Masters.
26 February
Steve meets John Chisum in the A-levels.
1 March
Steve is interviewed by Karlstrom at AMEXICO headquarters.
2 March
Steve is interviewed by both Karlstrom and the President-General in the Oval Office on the subject of Mute magic.
3 March
Steve is formally inducted in the ranks of AMEXICO and begins training.
Early March
The Lady from Louisiana returns to the front with a long-range patrol through Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.
Cadillac launches the first gliders from the Heron Pool.
1 April
Steve Brickman is flown to Nebraska to begin his first covert assignment as an agent of AMEXICO.
Steven Brickman stows away on an Iron Master trading vessel at Du-aruta during the annual trade fair between the Plainfolk clans and the Iron Masters.
The events of First Family conclude.
12 November
The events of Blood River begin.
The Skyriders carrying Steve, Cadillac, Clearwater, Jodi Kazan and Dave Kelso make an emergency landing east of navref Merriville, Indiana. AMEXICO monitors their transmissions.
The Lady from Louisiana is ordered towards the Great Lakes area.
23 November
Braves from the Clan Kojak make contact with Cadillac and Clearwater.
The Lady's air wing reaches the search zone and begins looking for the downed Skyriders.
24 November
The Lady's air wing locates the downed Skyriders.
23 December
Jack Brickman succumbs to radiation-induced cancer and dies.


The Yama-Shita and their allies, the Ko-Nikka and Se-Iko, send five ships to the trading post at Du-aruta to take vengeance on the She-Kargo Mutes for the destruction of the Heron Pool. They employ the D'Troit and their allies as cannon fodder at the Battle of the Trading Post, which sees the destruction of all five ships and the D'Troit forces, along with many of the She-Kargo and their allies, thanks to a tidal wave created by Mr Snow. Upwards of 100,000 Mutes and Iron Masters die in the chaos.
The surviving Mutes agree to a greater degree of mutual cooperation in the face of the encroaching threats of both the Iron Masters and the Federation.
The Battle of Twin Forks. The Lady from Louisiana is destroyed with all hands by the M'Calls, but four relieving wagon-trains wipe out the surviving M'Calls. Mr Snow is killed. Steve returns to the Federation, but Roz escapes with the help of Cadillac.
The events of Death-Bringer conclude and those of Earth-Thunder begin.
The first Plainfolk Council is held at Big White Running Water (Sioux Falls, South Dakota). The Plainfolk Council build on the bonds between the clans established after the Battle of the Trading Post and approve of a mission to send Roz and Cadillac into Ne-Issan to prevent the Iron Masters from pursuing a long-term conflict with the Plainfolk.
Early December
With the aid of Cadillac and Roz, the Yama-Shita arrange the assassination of the Shogun and Chancellor Ieyasu. The Toh-Yota descend into chaos.
Steve and Fran fly to Ne-Issan to take part in negotiations with the Shogun, but are caught up in the chaos surrounding the Shogun's death. Steve is able to escape, but Fran is taken prisoner by Cadillac and taken to the Yama-Shita stronghold at Sara-kusa.
15 December
Mount Saint Helens explodes with tremendous force at 16:42 exactly. The Federation monitors the eruption. Nearby Mute clans see the eruption and proclaim it the fulfilment of the Talisman Prophecy, with the 'great mountain in the west speaking to the sky with a tongue of flame'.
At the exact same moment, Lucas Brickman is born at the Federation's Life Institute to Clearwater and Steve. He is swapped for another baby, named Sand-Wolf by Clearwater, with the Federtaion taking Lucas and giving him to Annie Brickman to raise.
Also at the exact same moment, Cadillac and Roz conceive a child in Ne-Issan.
Late December
The Yama-Shita and their allies launch a full-scale offensive against the Toh-Yota, sparking the second Ne-Issan civil war. A large swathe of Toh-Yota territory falls under enemy occupation, but the network of alliances surrounding the Toh-Yota does not collapse as the Yama-Shita expected, and the resulting counter-attacks slow their advance. Within a few weeks the war has settled into a long, drawn-out stalemate.
The after-effects of the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens are felt continent-wide. The Missouri and Mississippi flood, causing significant damage to Federation installations along their banks and flooding parts of several divisional bases (Le May/Jackson, Truman/Lafayette and Lincoln/Little Rock) and way-stations. The Plainfolk also suffer from the effects of the flooding, but are mostly able to simply move away from the swollen rivers. This is interpreted as the 'earth drowning in its own tears', another fulfilment of the Talisman Prophecy.


1 January
Steve is invited to watch The Alamo at Cloudlands, marking his increasing status within the Federation and the First Family.
12 January
With the connivance of AMEXICO, Clearwater and Sand-Wolf are despatched from the Federation to Sara-kusa, in return for Fran's safe return.
Early March
Cadillac, Roz, Clearwater and Sand-Wolf return to Plainfolk territory with their reward for removing the Shogun, including some 768 former Mute slaves. They are given shelter by the Clan Shawnessee until the next Plainfolk Council takes place.
The second Plainfolk Council takes place at Sioux Falls. The ties between the clans are strengthened further by Cadillac's distribution of the goods gathered procured from Ne-Issan and the return of the slaves. Cadillac, Roz, Clearwater and Sand-Wolf are adopted by the clan M'Kenzie.
Steve Brickman attempts to escape from the Federation after AMEXICO attempt to kill him. He fails and is killed by John Chisum. This also kills Roz at the moment of childbirth, but she manages to deliver the baby before passing. Cadillac and Clearwater name her Snow-Raven and become her guardians.



A number of unusual glitches start afflicting COLUMBUS, resulting in the first major accident within the Federation in centuries when a passenger train is accidentally routed onto a line containing another stationary vehicle, with a catastrophic loss of life. The First Family is unable to explain how the accident happened.
Snow-Raven begins restoring greenery to the red grasses, confirming to the world that she is the Talisman. The events of Earth-Thunder conclude.
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