Talisman, sometimes called The Talisman, is a prophecised saviour/messiah figure. According to Mute mythology, Talisman will unite the Plainfolk as one nation, destroy the Amtrak Federation, clear the poison (radioactivity) from the air and drain the blood from the earth, restoring the world to its traditional green colour. The coming of Talisman is foretold in the Talisman Prophecy, which is frequently recounted by Mute wordsmiths to give their clans hope for the future.

A wordsmith named Cincinatti Red recounted the prophecy for the first time in the 24th Century, a hundred years before the existence of the Amtrak Federation became known to the Mute populace at large following the Break-Out. The Federation learned of the prophecy from enslaved Southern Mutes, but initially dismissed it. The First Family only began paying attention when they realised the prophecy had accurately predicted the coming of the wagon-trains and Skyhawks generations before their earliest prototypes appeared.

In 2989 the Mute wordsmith Mr Snow foretold that Talisman would come soon and two of his charges, Cadillac and Clearwater, would come to know the Talisman, and a Tracker named Steve Brickman would prove instrumental in the forthcoming struggle. For a time Mr Snow pondered if Steve himself was the Talisman, but this proved not to be the case.

In December 2991 Lucas Brickman was born to Steve and Clearwater, and was immediately taken into the keeping of the First Family. As this event coincided with the eruption of Mount Saint Helens, believed to be the 'great mountain in the west' who would speak with a 'tongue of fire', the Federation believed that they had secured the Talisman for their own purposes. Unknown to them, Cadillac and Roz Brickman conceived their own child, Snow-Raven, at this exact same moment.

In June 2994, just short of her second birthday, Snow-Raven turned a blade of grass green again, proclaiming to the world that she was the true Talisman.

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