Patrick Tilley is a British science fiction author. He has written ten novels and several film and television scripts, and is best-known for the Amtrak Wars series of novels, which were international bestsellers upon their original release.


Tilley was born on 4 July 1928 in Essex in the United Kingdom, but spent his formative years in the counties of Northumbria and Cubmria. He studied art at King's College, University of Durham, before going to London in 1955 to work as a graphic designer. He began writing part-time, initially for television, by writing three episodes for the ATV series Crane. In 1968 he gave up design to concentrate on his scriptwriting career, and worked on several British productions before pursuing writing assignments in New York and Los Angeles.

Whilst working in the United States he wrote and published his first novel, Fade-Out, in 1975. This was followed by Mission in 1981, which attracted widespread attention for its unusual storyline (Jesus appears in modern-day Manhattan). This book was followed by the six novels and companion book of the Amtrak Wars, published between 1983 and 1990 and another stand-alone, Xan, published in 1986. Although the author had planned twelve books in the Amtrak Wars altogether, he chose to give the series a rest to write a stand-alone comic SF novel called Star Wartz, which was eventually published in 1995. According to the author, life then intervened and he was unable to return to the series.

In the late 2000s, interest in the series was re-awoken by an Australian production company who bought the rights to turn the six books into a series of movies. Tilley penned a draft of a movie script for the first book, and also announced that he was planning to write three further books to resolve the remaining storylines.



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