Name Melanie Avery
RankLieutenant (in 2992)
Positionwingman, Fighting Leathernecks
Date Of Birthc. 2972
First AppearanceCloud Warrior, Chapter 2

Mel Avery was a graduate of the Flight Academy, Class of '89, where she was a classmate of Steve Brickman, Gus White, Pete Vandenberg, Donna Lundkwist and Sonny Ayers. She also graduated from the Academy with honours.

Avery's later career is unknown, but in 2992 she joined the crew of the Flying Leathernecks wagon-train as a wingman, ranked Lieutenant, indicating she had performed well. By sheer coincidence, she, Ayers, Vandenberg and their old flight instructor Bob Carroll met Brickman shortly before his attempted escape from the Federation by stealing a Sky-Rider from the Leathernecks.

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