The Amtrak Wars Wiki

Magic is a supernatural force wielded by the Mutes in defiance of science and rational explanation. Officially, the Amtrak Federation has declared that Mute magic does not exist and discussion of it is a Code One offence for causing damage to morale. Privately, the First Family not only acknowledges the existence of Mute magic but has been researching it for several centuries, hoping to learn how it works so it can be harnessed for their own ends. Such research has not proved fruitful so far.

In 2991 the First Family privately informed the commanders of their fleet of wagon-trains that Mute magic did exist and they were taking steps to neutralise it. The restrictions on discussion of Mute magic were eased somewhat, but a public admission about it was not made for fears of its impact on Tracker morale.

There are two kinds of magic that the Mutes can wield, that of the summoners and that of the seers.


Summoners vary in strength. Their strength is measured in terms of how much access to the seven 'Rings of Power' they have. Those with access only to the first one or two may be able to chuck rocks around or cause a small burst of rain to fall, whilst those with access to all seven can generate tidal waves and earthquakes, or reach into someone's mind and plant post-hypnotic suggestions or convince them to attack their allies. The use of earth magic is debilitating and dangerous: the summoner must rest after any great feat of magic is performed. From the fifth ring upwards, the use of extreme magic can be fatal. Summoners are also limited by the fact that they are held immobile by the forces running up their bodies from the ground and cannot move whilst engaged in summoning. They must also be in contact with the ground to use these abilities.


Seers can see the future through the use of seeing stones. The seer can identify these stones by sight and through them can see what is going to happen in the area of the stone at a point in the future. Expert seers can identify the time-period of the vision, though this is not always accurate.