Title Ghost Rider
AuthorPatrick Tilley
SeriesThe Amtrak Wars
Publisherunfinished, never published
Preceded byEarth-Thunder

Ghost Rider is the planned seventh book of the Amtrak Wars series and also the first book in the second sub-series, picking up some time after the events of Earth-Thunder. The first six books described the lead-up to the birth of Talisman, with the second sub-series expected to chronicle how Talisman united the Plainfolk and destroyed the Amtrak Federation.

Patrick Tilley began writing the book in the mid-1990s, having taken a break after feeling burned out on the series. He wrote a new stand-alone novel, Star Wartz, at this time. His plans to return to the series took a knock in the mid-1990s after the outbreak of war in the former Yugoslavia, particularly the outbreak of ethnic cleansing which he felt had uncomfortable parallels to the books.

Around 1998 hopes were raised that the series would continue. Orbit Books re-issued the series with new covers and a re-edited version of Book 6 that seemed to better set-up a sequel. The book appeared on Amazon and various 'coming soon' listings with a release date of 1999. However, the book was not released and the listings for it soon disappeared. Orbit also let the existing books go out of print. In the mid-2000s Tilley revealed some plot points from the planned book, such as that characters who appeared dead such as Steve Brickman and Franklynn Delano Jefferson would have possibly returned and the Federation storyline would have focusedon a power-struggle between Fran and Karlstrom to succeed the current President-General. Tilley also reported that he was suffering from writer's block, and life had intervened to move him in a different direction from writing.

In 2007, the author seemed to have a change of heart, fired up by an Australian film company's decision to buy the movie rights to the series. He wrote a film script for Cloud Warrior and announced that he was re-envisaging the sequel series as a trilogy rather than another six-book series. Whether anything comes of this latest burst of activity remains to be seen.

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