The Amtrak Federation Flight Academy is located at a specialist facility constructed near navref Alamogordo, New Mexico. Its official name is Lindbergh Field, named for the Pre-H aviation pioneer Charles A. Lindbergh.

The Federation Flight Academy is the training, testing and graduation facility for all Trail-Blazer wingman cadets wishing to be assigned to the air wings of the Federation's wagon-trains. The training and testing is extremely challenging. Among other things, the training is meant to weed out those suffering from agoraphobia, who might freeze on overground missions, endangering themselves and their comrades in the heat of battle.

Competition to enter the training programme is intense, as the intake is limited to 300 annually. Only the brightest and best students can hope to enter the Flight Academy.

Trainees enter the Flight Academy at the age of 14 and undergo three years of rigorous training and examination on the Skyhawk attack aircraft. Initial training takes place on computer simulators before moving onto powered microlites in a massive free-flight dome before actual overground flight training takes place. A feared component of the free-flight testing is the 'Snake Pit', a 1,200ft-deep cylindrical shaft consisting of two interlocking ramps. Skyhawks are sent down the shaft and expected to make sharp turns at the notice of milliseconds from air traffic controllers.

The training also includes academic tests covering aerodynamics, flight characteristics, electronics and basic aeronautical engineering, allowing students to undertake repairs on their aircraft if forced down away from the nearest base. Graduate Steve Brickman proved the thoroughness of the academic programme by using knowledge acquired from it to build his own primitive aircraft to escape from captivity among the Plainfolk Mutes in 2989. An unexpected side-effect of this was that the Mute wordsmith Cadillac used his own abilities to 'absorb' Brickman's training and experience, which he then put to good use in developing a glider programme for the Iron Masters at the Heron Pool facility.

Competition is encouraged, with the division of classmen into three rival squadrons, known as Condor, Eagle and Hawk. Each squadron is then subdivided into Red, White, Blue and Green Flights.

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