The First Family is the self-perpetuating ruling body of the Amtrak Federation. The Family consists of descendants of George Washington Jefferson 1st, the founding father of the Federation, and is centered on the President-General. Ultimate power is wielded by the P-G and his Inner Council, whose nine members hold the ranks of States-General.

The First Family has a longer lifespan than ordinary Trackers, sometimes living into their 80s, and a much-enhanced resistance to radiation, allowing them to spend much of their time above ground at Cloudlands instead of having to live underground like the rest of the Federation. How they have achieved these feats is unknown, but theories suggest they may have used genetic material taken from captive Mutes to aid in this process.

The Family wields absolute power and authority in the Federation, although they also have their own political sub-divisions, factions and disagreements. Estimates on their numbers vary between 5,000 and 10,000. The Family reproduce through normal sexual reproduction rather than artificial insemination.

It is possible for outsiders, usually 'normal' Trackers who have achieved some kind of outstanding service to the Federation, to join the First Family through marriage, although this is a very rare achievement.

Current notable members Edit

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