Title Dark Visions: An Illustrated Guide to the Amtrak Wars
AuthorPatrick Tilley (text) & Fernando Fernandez (art)
IllustratorFernando Fernandez, Pierre-Andre Tilley & Patrick Tilley
Cover artistFernando Fernandez
SeriesThe Amtrak Wars
PublisherSphere Books
ReleasedNovember 1988

Dark Visions: An Illustrated Guide to the Amtrak Wars is a companion volume to the Amtrak Wars novel series originally published in November 1988 by Sphere Books. It was written between the release of Iron Master and Blood River

The book consists of text written by Patrick Tilley and artwork. The artwork of characters and scenes from the novels is by Fernando Fernandez, whilst the vehicle and weapon plans and maps are by Pierre-Andre Tilley. Patrick Tilley himself contributed the figure images showing Mute colourings and markings, and a Tracker in full combat geat.

The book expands on many elements from the series, such as the history of the Amtrak Federation and its enemies and details on how ranks and hierarchies work. There is also additional technical information on the design of elements such as the wagon-trains and Skyhawk aircraft.

The book has been out of print since shortly after its initial release, and is very hard to come by at a low price.

Patrick Tilley has given his permission to this wiki to use all images from the book created by himself and Pierre-Andre Tilley.

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