A list of characters in the series, divided by faction. [[Category:Betty-Jo Aarons: ( "Soapy" ) A Captainj aboard the Lady from Louisiana wagontrain, she is the second Systems engineer aboard it. she has an ash blonde crewcut, with good shoulders and a boyish ass, and enjoys having sex under ths shower, hence her nickname of "Soapy." Betty-Jo Aarons was killed, along with Lieutenant Commader Jim Cooper, the Deputy Wagonmaster, along with all of the rear Command car's saddle staff. when they were attacked by Spandau Barry, who was upon a kamakaze mission and blew himself up.]] [[Category:Stu Barber: A Lieutenant Commander aboard the Lady from Louisiana Wagontrain. he is the wagontrain's First engineer, who helped free it after becoming trapped during the Battle of the Now and Then River, after Mr Snow unleashed a storm against the wagontrain, by inspiring his work crew while underfire from Mr Snow and the M'Calls.]] [[Category:Baxter: The Flight Operations Officer aboard the Lady from Louisiana Wagontrain. He was killed along with Gus White, Ruddock, Lieutenant Matt Harmer, along with all of the remaining Wingmen and the entire Groundcrew. when a bomb planted by Cadillac and Clearwater, under the seat of Ruddock's Skyhawk exploded, causing a series of events, which would have a devastating effect upon the Wagontrain's Flight Car. As both Napalm canisters and fuel tanks were ignited by it. many were killed in the ajoining cars, as the firestorm swept through them, any they were only prevented from escaping by the emergency dorrs being sealed by shocked crewmen. ]] [[Category:Booker: An experienced veteran Wingman aboard the Lady From Louisiana Wagontrain. he took part in an attack upon Mr Snow and a group of 10 M'Call Bears. during the attack his Skyhawk was hit by a bolt of lightning, which destroyed his aircraft to be engulfed in flames as his load of napalm ignited.]]

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