Name Awashi-tana
FactionIron Master
NavrefWashington, DC
First AppearanceIron Master

The Iron Master town of Awashi-tana lies on the former site of Washington, D.C. This is a small riverside town located in the domain of the Su-Zuki family.

Washington, D.C.Edit

Washington, D.C. was the capital city of the United States of America prior to the War of a Thousand Suns, and the location of both its military command centre, the Pentagon, and the President's seat of residence, the White House. The city was located on the Potomac River close to the eastern seaboard of the continent.

Washington, D.C. was hit by multiple nuclear warheads during the War of a Thousand Suns and was completely destroyed. All trace of the city was eradicated long before the Iron Masters settled in the region.

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