Name Aron-giren
FactionIron Master
NavrefLong Island, New York
TerrainShallow hills
First AppearanceIron Master

Aron-giren (navref Long Island, New York) is the island stronghold of the Toh-Yota family, located off the eastern seaboard of Ne-Issan. The Toh-Yota summer palace is located on the island at Yedo (navref Middle Island Game Reserve).

Aron-giren is a substantial island, stretching for 113 miles from the mainland into the Eastern Sea. The island's western approaches are guarded by fortresses and outposts on much smaller islands such as Mana-tana and Sta-tana, and Toh-Yota ships patrol the coast. The island is lightly inhabited. Due to the presence of the Shogun for six months of the year, only a few fishing villages and farms mainly concerned with supporting and supplying the palace at Yedo are permitted to remain permanantly.

In the booksEdit

The Shogun is staying at Yedo throughout the events of Iron Master and liaises with Toshiro Hase-Gawa from there.

In Earth-Thunder, Cadillac and Roz Brickman infiltrate the palace and arrange the assassination of the Shogun at the hands of his own sister, thus plunging Ne-Issan into civil war.

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