Title Arizona
CategoryOuter State
Divisional baseJohnson/Phoenix
Way-stationsKingman, Yuma, Page, Flagstaff, Tucson
Natural resourcesCopper, gold, mercury, silver, vanadium, helium gas, raw cotton
Area113,998 sq miles
Width310 miles
Length400 miles

Arizona is the most recent of the six Outer States of the Amtrak Federation to be incorporated, in 2927. Its capital divisional base is Johnson/Phoenix.

The state consists mostly of desert and badlands, with smaller, more fertile regions. Two impressive natural wonders are located within Arizona, most notably the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater, although given the surface radiation and the ongoing war of pacification between the Trackers and Southern Mutes in this area, they are highly unlikely to regain their Pre-H status as tourist destinations in the near future.

Arizona occupies a strategic spot south of the Rockies, as the frequent Trail-Blazer fire-sweeps and patrols across the state prevent easy access to California to the west, the destination for many renegades, forcing them to take a more northerly route through the mountain passes instead.

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