Name Ari-dina
FactionIron Master
NavrefReading, Pennsylvania
TerrainHills, rivers
SettlementFortified town
First AppearanceIron Master

Ari-dina (navref Reading, Pennsylvania) is the capital of the Mitsu-Bishi domain in Ne-Issan and the site of the family's main fortress. It is located in a hilly area, with the Schuylkill River located to the west, Mount Penn rising to the east and Neversink Mountain to the south (Iron Master designations unknown). The surrounding countryside largely consists of cultivated farmland.

In the booksEdit

Toshiro Hase-Gawa, aided by the local Consul-General, got Steve Brickman a job as a road-runner from this fortress, and sometimes used it as a temporary base of operations whilst he travelled back and forth to monitor events at the Heron Pool. It was from here he despatched the fateful (and fatal) letter intercepted by agents of Ieyasu which led to his downfall and ritual suicide.

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