Name Anne-Marie Le May Anderssen
PositionCO, Pueblo way-station
Date Of Birth2954
Place Of BirthLe May/Jackson
First AppearanceFirst Family, Chapter 1

Colonel Anne-Marie Le May Anderssen is the commanding officer of the Pueblo way-station in Colorado. Her troops affectionately refer to her as 'Mary-Ann'.


Anderssen was born in Le May/Jackson, Mississippi, in 2954. She volunteered for the Trail-Blazer division and was accepted for service, seeing combat duty aboard the True Grit wagon-train as a lineman in 2971-74, winning promotion to Lieutenant by the end of her tour. She graduated from the MacArthur Staff Academy in 2977.

In the booksEdit

In 2989 Anderssen is serving as the commanding officer of the Federation's northern-most permanant outpost, pretty much on the front lines against the Mutes, although the way-station had not come under direct assault as yet. It was to the Pueblo way-station that Steve Brickman fled after escaping captivity among the Clan M'Call. Anderssen initially greeted Brickman's story of being a captive with disbelief, but was soon ordered to send him back to the Federation for a fuller debriefing.

In early 2991 Anderssen, returning from a brief leave in her home base, caught a lift on the Lady from Louisiana wagon-train, commanded by her occasional bed-mate William Hartmann, as it was headed past Pueblo. However, the Lady was diverted to Lake Michigan instead to help locate the missing Brickman and his team. Anderssen returned to Pueblo by Sky-Rider and thus missed the near-destruction of the Lady due to explosives planted by Cadillac some weeks later.


Anderssen is an above-average, decent commander with an easy command style that encourages loyalty without breaking discipline. The troops under her command are loyal to her, and she encourages trust. However, she does not tolerate fools and punishes dissent.

Anderssen has been known to smoke a few reafers, and has been known to enjoy some blackjack in her time as well.

As well as maintaining a very occasional relationship with Bill Hartmann, Anderssen is the more regular bed-mate of Major Jerri Hiller, the third-in-command of the Pueblo way-station.

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