AMEXICO is the common acronym for the Amtrak Executive Commando, a top-secret intelligence and special forces organisation working at the highest levels of the Amtrak Federation. It is directly answerable to the President-General and less than a dozen members even of the First Family know of its existence.

AMEXICO's operations sometimes call upon resources and assistance from Trail-Blazer and other military forces, in which case its operatives pose as combat-trained members of AMEX. However, rumours of a 'special' organisation with tremendous resources have spread throughout the Federation and beyond, with even renegades wary of new members who might be special operatives looking to wipe them out. Renegades refer to such agents as 'Feds'.

AMEXICO is commanded by a member of the First Family, currently Commander Ben Karlstrom Jefferson, who is closely allied to the P-G. AMEXICO heads enjoy almost unrestricted access to the P-G since their operations are usually run at the P-G's personal order. As a result, the post of AMEXICO commander is an extremely powerful and influential one, arguably outstripping that of the 'official' second-highest rank in the Federation, that of States-General of Texas.

AMEXICO is based at the White House but its operatives are trained at a facility called Rio Lobo, which is linked to the White House by its own private shuttle. AMEXICO operatives are picked for their supreme self-assurance and ability to operate alone for extended periods in the field. AMEXICO operatives are trained in unarmed and armed combat and the use of equipment usually far more sophisticated than that which is used by front-line troop, such as easily-hidden radios and surveillence packages.

Some AMEXICO agents serve within the Federation and First Family, ensuring that conspiracies agains the P-G are stopped in their tracks and ensuring the continuted loyalty of the populace to the First Family. However, their main field of operations is fieldwork, usually behind-the-lines in Ne-Issan (where AMEXICO agents pose as renegade or, with certain cosmetic alterations, Mute slaves serving the Iron Masters and gathering vital intelligence) or among renegade groups on the Great Plains, gathering information from the Mutes via bartering and trade. Attempts by AMEXICO to place agents within the Plainfolk clans themselves have proven unsuccessful so far, since Mutes are born into their clans and, until recently, never adopted outsiders into their ranks. However, following the Battle of the Trading Post when many clans were almost annihilated and others agreed to take in the survivors, a window has opened which AMEXICO could possibly exploit.

AMEXICO has its own air force for agent insertion and retrieval, surveillance and combat operations, informally called Air-Mexico. They colloquially refer to themselves as 'Mexicans'.

AMEXICO agents are identified by code-names such as 'Hang-Fire' or 'High Sierra'. They are not permitted to use their real names under any circumstances. AMEXICO agents can identify themselves to other agents by the use of a short-range radio ID transceiver implanted in the ear, or by whistling the tune South of the Border (with the first agent saying, "South of the border," and the second, "Down Mexico way," if he wishes to identify himself), which is taught to AMEXICO agents exclusively. AMEXICO agents are frequently following their own missions and are not required to help another agent if it means compromising their own, unrelated operations.

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