AMEX or the Amtrak Executive is the bureaucracy which sees to the day-to-day running of the Amtrak Federation under the aegis of the First Family. It institutes policy at the direction of the Family.

It is modelled on the Pre-H American Federal Government, its agencies and the former state governments. Its headquarters, known as the Black Tower, is located close to the White House at Houston/GC.

Staff members of AMEX are known as AMEXecs and tend to attract ambitious ladder-climbers as well as fair-spirited public servants. AMEXecs are typically the highest posts someone not born to the First Family can achieve in the Federation, although the adoption of particularly capable individuals to the First Family where they can rise further is not unheard of (but still spectacularly rare).

Ranks in AMEX begin with junior entrants at Level JX-1 and rising to JX-10. They wear sleeves of silver wire. Senior executives, wearing gold wire, rise in rank from SX-1 to SX-10. An SX-10 holds a rank equivalent to a Pre-H United States Assistant Secretary of State. SX-10s are department heads working under the direction of the Counsellor-Generals, posts held exclusively by members of the First Family.

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